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2002 John Deere 5420N tractor, hp 81, 4WD, cab, air, heat, 12 speed trans with left hand sync reverser, engine block heater, 4 cyl diesel, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, drawbar, 2 remotes, 12.4-24 rears, 8-16 front tires, 60" wide hyd front blade, tractor runs and operates great, no hours showing on digital meter 


2002johndeere5420ntractor/2.jpg 2002johndeere5420ntractor/1.jpg 2002johndeere5420ntractor/15.jpg 2002johndeere5420ntractor/14.jpg
2002johndeere5420ntractor/13.jpg 2002johndeere5420ntractor/10.jpg 2002johndeere5420ntractor/19.jpg 2002johndeere5420ntractor/18.jpg
2002johndeere5420ntractor/17.jpg 2002johndeere5420ntractor/16.jpg

1993 John Deere 7800 Tractor, hours 9098, cab, air, heat, radio, 16 speed trans, partial powershift trans, 10 front weights, front fenders, 3 remotes, 540/1000 pto, engine block heater, 480/80R42 radial rears, 10 bolt axle duels, 380/85R30 radial fronts, 145 pto hp


1993johndeere7800tractor2/2010892088.jpg 1993johndeere7800tractor2/2010891892.jpg 1993johndeere7800tractor2/2010892038.jpg 1993johndeere7800tractor2/2010892162.jpg
1993johndeere7800tractor2/2010892206.jpg 1993johndeere7800tractor2/2010892258.jpg 1993johndeere7800tractor2/2010892314.jpg 1993johndeere7800tractor2/2010892344.jpg
1993johndeere7800tractor2/2010892422.jpg 1993johndeere7800tractor2/2010892658.jpg 1993johndeere7800tractor2/2010892714.jpg

1991johndeere2955tractor/2.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/1.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/5.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/11.jpg
1991johndeere2955tractor/10.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/18.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/17.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/16.jpg
1991johndeere2955tractor/15.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/19.jpg

1991 John Deere 2955 tractoar, hours 7770, hp 97, 4WD, cab, air, heat, Quad range trans with high/low, front fenders, front weight bracket, 6 cyl John Deere diesel, engine block heater, loader brackets and valve, 5 remotes, 540/1000 pto, 18.4-38 rear tires, cast iron centers, 13.6-28 front tires, runs and drives good,


1991johndeere2955tractor/2.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/1.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/5.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/11.jpg
1991johndeere2955tractor/10.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/18.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/17.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/16.jpg
1991johndeere2955tractor/15.jpg 1991johndeere2955tractor/19.jpg

1988 John Deere 2155 tractor, hours 14,444, hp 55, 4WD, Rops, John Deere 175 loader, 62" wide bucket, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, 1 remote, drawbar, 16.9-28 rear tires, 9.5-24 front tires, 8 speed trans, high/low on the dash, 3 cyl diesel, engine block heater, joystick loader valve, runs and drives good 


1988johndeere2155tractor/1.jpg 1988johndeere2155tractor/9.jpg 1988johndeere2155tractor/2.jpg 1988johndeere2155tractor/14.jpg
1988johndeere2155tractor/13.jpg 1988johndeere2155tractor/11.jpg 1988johndeere2155tractor/19.jpg 1988johndeere2155tractor/17.jpg
1988johndeere2155tractor/16.jpg 1988johndeere2155tractor/20.jpg

1978 John Deere 4240 tractor, hours 7,012, hp 120, 2WD, cab, air, heat, Quad range trans, 2 remotes, 540/1000 pto, 3 pt hitch, 18.4-38 radial rear tires, 10.00-16 front tires, cast iron centers, 1 set of wheel weights, front weight bracket, tractor runs great, has no A range, block has been repaired by the starter  


1978johndeere4240tractor/4.jpg 1978johndeere4240tractor/12.jpg 1978johndeere4240tractor/1.jpg 1978johndeere4240tractor/17.jpg
1978johndeere4240tractor/16.jpg 1978johndeere4240tractor/15.jpg 1978johndeere4240tractor/21.jpg 1978johndeere4240tractor/20.jpg
1978johndeere4240tractor/19.jpg 1978johndeere4240tractor/18.jpg

1973 John Deere 4630 tractor, HP 166, 4WD, cab, heat, 1000 pto, 2 remotes, 8 speed powershift trans, 20.8-38 rear tires, 14.9-24 front tires, 6 cyl diesel with turbo, engine block heater, 400 hours on the meter not sure on actual hours 


1973johndeere4630tractor/1.jpg 1973johndeere4630tractor/8.jpg 1973johndeere4630tractor/4.jpg 1973johndeere4630tractor/2.jpg
1973johndeere4630tractor/18.jpg 1973johndeere4630tractor/17.jpg 1973johndeere4630tractor/11.jpg 1973johndeere4630tractor/23.jpg
1973johndeere4630tractor/22.jpg 1973johndeere4630tractor/19.jpg

1968 John Deere 4020 tractor, hours 6100, hp 101, 2WD, diesel, 2 remotes, 540/1000 pto, drawbar, 18.4-34 rear tires, cast iron centers, 11L-15 front tires, diff lock, engine block heater, runs and drives good  


1968johndeere4020tractor/2.jpg 1968johndeere4020tractor/8.jpg 1968johndeere4020tractor/7.jpg 1968johndeere4020tractor/6.jpg
1968johndeere4020tractor/3.jpg 1968johndeere4020tractor/13.jpg 1968johndeere4020tractor/12.jpg 1968johndeere4020tractor/11.jpg
1968johndeere4020tractor/15.jpg 1968johndeere4020tractor/14.jpg

1967 John Deere 3020 tractor, hours 6479, hp 77, 2WD, diesel, 1 remote, 540/1000 pto, 3 pt hitch, drawbar, 15.5-38 rear tires with cast iron wheel centers and 2 wheel weights, 7.50-15 front tires, 3 front weights, nice tractor with original paint 


1967johndeere3020tractor/2.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/1.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/8.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/12.jpg
1967johndeere3020tractor/10.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/15.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/14.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/13.jpg
1967johndeere3020tractor/17.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/16.jpg

1959 John Deere 730 tractor hours 4059, hp 65, 2WD, narrow front, diesel, 15.5-38 rear rubber, 5 sets of rear wheel weighs, pto, drawbar


1959johndeere730tractor/3021257514.jpg 1959johndeere730tractor/3021257660.jpg 1959johndeere730tractor/3021257726.jpg 1959johndeere730tractor/3021257782.jpg
1959johndeere730tractor/3021257864.jpg 1959johndeere730tractor/3021257990.jpg 1959johndeere730tractor/3021258108.jpg 1959johndeere730tractor/3021258254.jpg
1959johndeere730tractor/3021258328.jpg 1959johndeere730tractor/3021258394.jpg

2000 John Deere 6410, 104 hp, 2 wheel drive, cab, air, heat, power quad trans, 2 remotes, 5' side mounted brush hog, 8' 3 pt hitch, rear mower, 540 pto, 18.4-38 rear tires, runs and mows great


2000johndeere6410/104155310.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155318.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155312.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155322.jpg
2000johndeere6410/104155320.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155366.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155342.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155386.jpg

2007 Challenger MT 465B Tractor, hp 115, 4WD, hours 3288, cab, air, heat, radio, 16 speed powershift trans, LF hand reverser, Challenger ML 94B Quick Tach loader, front fenders,2 remotes, 540 pto, 3 pt hitch, drawbar, 2 door cab,engine block heater, air seat, air ride cab, diff lock, 18.4-38 radial rears, 380/85R28 radial fronts, cat 3054 diesel motor, runs and drives great


2007challengermt465btractor/3000492823.jpg 2007challengermt465btractor/3000492769.jpg 2007challengermt465btractor/3000492981.jpg 2007challengermt465btractor/3000493267.jpg
2007challengermt465btractor/3000493413.jpg 2007challengermt465btractor/3000493523.jpg 2007challengermt465btractor/3000493547.jpg 2007challengermt465btractor/3000493575.jpg
2007challengermt465btractor/3000493697.jpg 2007challengermt465btractor/3000493617.jpg

2013 Kubota M-59 tractor, hours 316, hp 59, 4WD, Rops, hydro trans, R-4 tires, Kubota TL1350 loader, 84" skidsteer style Quick Tach bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 17.5-24 rear tires, 10-16.5 front tires, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, 4 cyl diesel with turbo, engine block heater, diff lock, Quick Tach backhoe brackets, nice tractor has a bent loader arm left side 


2013kubotam59tractor/16.jpg 2013kubotam59tractor/1.jpg 2013kubotam59tractor/8.jpg 2013kubotam59tractor/4.jpg
2013kubotam59tractor/2.jpg 2013kubotam59tractor/10.jpg 2013kubotam59tractor/14.jpg 2013kubotam59tractor/13.jpg
2013kubotam59tractor/12.jpg 2013kubotam59tractor/18.jpg 2013kubotam59tractor/15.jpg

Case IH JX90U tractor, hp 86, 4WD, cab, air, heat, radio, left hand reverser, joystick loader valve, air seat, 2 remotes, 540 pto, 3 pt itch, drawbar, Quickee Q750 Quick Tach loader, 91" Euro style Quick Tach bucket, 18.4-34 radial rear tires, 14.9-24 radial front tires, engine block heater


caseihjx90utractor/3018486570.jpg caseihjx90utractor/3018486606.jpg caseihjx90utractor/3018486614.jpg caseihjx90utractor/3018486622.jpg
caseihjx90utractor/3018486640.jpg caseihjx90utractor/3018486654.jpg caseihjx90utractor/3018486662.jpg caseihjx90utractor/3018486670.jpg
caseihjx90utractor/3018486688.jpg caseihjx90utractor/3018486700.jpg

1962 Ford 4000, 5690 hrs, 55 hp, 2WD, Ford 19-209 loader with trip bucket, Select-O-Speed trans, 3 pt, pto, 14.9-28 rears, rear wheel weights, 12V conversion


1962Ford4000/94533344.jpg 1962Ford4000/94533326.jpg 1962Ford4000/94533346.jpg 1962Ford4000/94533356.jpg
1962Ford4000/94533380.jpg 1962Ford4000/94533412.jpg

1959 Massey Ferguson 85, 4033 hrs, 62 hp, 2WD, Propane, 4 cyl continental diesel, 13.6-38 rears,
power adjust wheels, 3pt, PTO, drawbar, original

MasseyFerguson85/86355580.jpg MasseyFerguson85/86355660.jpg MasseyFerguson85/86355662.jpg MasseyFerguson85/86355664.jpg
MasseyFerguson85/86355672.jpg MasseyFerguson85/86355674.jpg

1980 White 2-70 tractor, hours 3954, hp 70, 2 WD, 6 cyl diesel, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, 2 remotes, drawbar, 15.5-38 rears, rear wheel weights, over/under/direct drive trans, runs and drives great


1980white2-70tractor/3024717224.jpg 1980white2-70tractor/3024717244.jpg 1980white2-70tractor/3024717344.jpg 1980white2-70tractor/3024717376.jpg
1980white2-70tractor/3024717386.jpg 1980white2-70tractor/3024717400.jpg 1980white2-70tractor/3024717432.jpg 1980white2-70tractor/3024717412.jpg

1975 White 2-150 tractor, hours 3110, hp 161, 2WD, cab, air, heat, White D 585-6 motor, engine block heater, 11.00-16 front tires, 18.4-38 rear tires, 3 pt hitch, 2 remotes, 1000 pto, drawbar over/under/direct trans, runs good 


1975white2150tractor/5.jpg 1975white2150tractor/2.jpg 1975white2150tractor/1.jpg 1975white2150tractor/9.jpg
1975white2150tractor/15.jpg 1975white2150tractor/14.jpg 1975white2150tractor/11.jpg 1975white2150tractor/18.jpg
1975white2150tractor/17.jpg 1975white2150tractor/16.jpg

1975 White 2-105 tractor, hp 116, 2 WD, Rops/canopy, over/under/direct trans, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, drawbar, 2 remotes, 18.4-38 radial rear tires, cast iron centers, 11L-15 front tires, 6 cyl Perkins diesel, 105 pro hp, 1271 hours on the meter, runs and drives good, missing left side panel 


1975white2105tractor/9.jpg 1975white2105tractor/3.jpg 1975white2105tractor/1.jpg 1975white2105tractor/8.jpg
1975white2105tractor/11.jpg 1975white2105tractor/10.jpg 1975white2105tractor/16.jpg 1975white2105tractor/15.jpg
1975white2105tractor/13.jpg 1975white2105tractor/17.jpg

1974 Oliver 2255 tractor, hours 4493, hp 163, 2WD, cab, 18.4-38 rear tires, 18.4-38 duals, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, 1 remote, drawbar, over/under/direct trans, 14L-16 front tires, Cat V-8 diesel motor, comes with engine and parts 


1974oliver2255tractor/1.jpg 1974oliver2255tractor/8.jpg 1974oliver2255tractor/2.jpg 1974oliver2255tractor/10.jpg
1974oliver2255tractor/15.jpg 1974oliver2255tractor/14.jpg 1974oliver2255tractor/11.jpg 1974oliver2255tractor/18.jpg
1974oliver2255tractor/17.jpg 1974oliver2255tractor/16.jpg

1968 Oliver 1950T tractor, hours 3322, hp 110, 2 WD, 540 pto, 2 remotes, drawbar, 3 pt hitch, 18.4-38 rear tires, 11.00-16 front tires, 6 cyl Waukesha diesel motor, over/under/direct trans, runs and drives, has power steering problem 


1968oliver1950ttractor/8.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/2.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/1.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/9.jpg
1968oliver1950ttractor/14.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/13.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/17.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/16.jpg
1968oliver1950ttractor/15.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/18.jpg

1984 International 5088 tractor, hours 9059, hp 150, cab, air, heat, 3 pt hitch, 3 remotes, 2 pto's, 18.4-38 rear tires, long axles, cast iron centers, 10.00-16 front tires, weight bracket, good running tractor


1984international5088tractor/4.jpg 1984international5088tractor/1.jpg 1984international5088tractor/8.jpg 1984international5088tractor/7.jpg
1984international5088tractor/6.jpg 1984international5088tractor/9.jpg 1984international5088tractor/11.jpg 1984international5088tractor/10.jpg
1984international5088tractor/13.jpg 1984international5088tractor/12.jpg

1991 Agco Allis 6690 tractor, hours 5,089, hp 87, 2WD, cab, air, heat, 3 pt hitch, 540/1000 pto, 2 remotes, drawbar, 16.9-34 rear tires, 7.50-18 front tires, turbo, front weight brackets, local trade, runs good 


1991agcoallis6690tractor/1.jpg 1991agcoallis6690tractor/2.jpg 1991agcoallis6690tractor/13.jpg 1991agcoallis6690tractor/12.jpg
1991agcoallis6690tractor/17.jpg 1991agcoallis6690tractor/16.jpg 1991agcoallis6690tractor/15.jpg 1991agcoallis6690tractor/14.jpg
1991agcoallis6690tractor/19.jpg 1991agcoallis6690tractor/18.jpg

2011 LSP 7030 tractor, hours 806, hp 88, 4WD, cab, air, heat, LL7100 Quick Tach loader, 78" skid steer style Quick Tach bucket, 4 cyl diesel with turbo, front hyd,3 remotes, 540 pto, telescopic lift arms, 12.4-24 front tires, 18.4-30 rear tires, low/medium/high range, 4 speed with high/low, left hand reverser, 77 pto hp, runs good nice tractor 



2011lsp7030tractor/2.jpg 2011lsp7030tractor/1.jpg 2011lsp7030tractor/21.jpg 2011lsp7030tractor/20.jpg
2011lsp7030tractor/19.jpg 2011lsp7030tractor/18.jpg 2011lsp7030tractor/11.jpg 2011lsp7030tractor/24.jpg
2011lsp7030tractor/23.jpg 2011lsp7030tractor/22.jpg