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2006 John Deere 4720 tractor W/cab, hours 3,987, hp 58, MFWD, cab, air, heat, radio,  4X4, hydro trans, turf tires, grill guard, 6 front weights, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, 1 rear remote, diff lock, air seat, drawbar, joystick loader valve, 44X18.00-20 rear tires. 27X10.50-15 front tires. loader ready, runs great, nice tractor 


2006johndeere4720tractor/1.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractor/2.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractor/4.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractor/9.jpg
2006johndeere4720tractor/15.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractor/17.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractor/16.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractor/20.jpg
2006johndeere4720tractor/19.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractor/18.jpg

2004 John Deere 9420 tractor, hours 4,794, hp 425, 4WD, cab, air, 4 remotes, 710/70R42 axle duals, 1 inner 3 outer rear wheel weights, power shift trans, drawbar, buddy seat, 1 inner front wheel weight, runs great, came from an estate, oil and filters changed, ready to go to field 


2004johndeere9420tractor/7.jpg 2004johndeere9420tractor/2.jpg 2004johndeere9420tractor/13.jpg 2004johndeere9420tractor/12.jpg
2004johndeere9420tractor/1.jpg 2004johndeere9420tractor/21.jpg 2004johndeere9420tractor/19.jpg 2004johndeere9420tractor/18.jpg
2004johndeere9420tractor/17.jpg 2004johndeere9420tractor/14.jpg

2001 John Deere 6310 tractor, hp 96, 2WD, folding Rops, John Deere 640 Quick Tach loader, 84" wide skid steer style Quick Tach bucket, 10.00-16 front tires, 18.4-30 rear tires, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, 2 remotes, right hand reverser, engine block heater, tractor runs/drives/oprates 


2001johndeere6310tractor/1.jpg 2001johndeere6310tractor/9.jpg 2001johndeere6310tractor/7.jpg 2001johndeere6310tractor/6.jpg
2001johndeere6310tractor/2.jpg 2001johndeere6310tractor/16.jpg 2001johndeere6310tractor/14.jpg 2001johndeere6310tractor/12.jpg
2001johndeere6310tractor/21.jpg 2001johndeere6310tractor/20.jpg

1971 John Deere 4000 tractor, Hours 9,836, hp 107, 2WD, Rops/canopy, 6 cyl diesel, engine block heater, side console, diff lock, 2 remotes, 540 pto, 3 pt hitch, drawbar, 18.4-34 rear tires, 11:-15 front tires, adjustable front axle, runs great 


1971johndeere4000tractor/1.jpg 1971johndeere4000tractor/6.jpg 1971johndeere4000tractor/3.jpg 1971johndeere4000tractor/16.jpg
1971johndeere4000tractor/13.jpg 1971johndeere4000tractor/11.jpg 1971johndeere4000tractor/10.jpg 1971johndeere4000tractor/19.jpg
1971johndeere4000tractor/18.jpg 1971johndeere4000tractor/21.jpg

1967 John Deere 3020 tractor, hours 6479, hp 77, 2WD, diesel, 1 remote, 540/1000 pto, 3 pt hitch, drawbar, 15.5-38 rear tires with cast iron wheel centers and 2 wheel weights, 7.50-15 front tires, 3 front weights, nice tractor with original paint 


1967johndeere3020tractor/2.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/1.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/8.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/12.jpg
1967johndeere3020tractor/10.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/15.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/14.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/13.jpg
1967johndeere3020tractor/17.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/16.jpg

1964 John Deere 3020 diesel tractor, hours 3868, hp 77, 2WD, 8 speed powershift trans, John Deere 48 loader, 73" wide pin on bucket, forks with 46" tines, 2 remotes, 540/1000 pto, 3 pt hitch, drawbar, 13.6-38 rear tires, 1 rear wheel weight per side, runs and drives good, trans holds in park 


1964johndeere3020dieseltractor/5.jpg 1964johndeere3020dieseltractor/3.jpg 1964johndeere3020dieseltractor/2.jpg 1964johndeere3020dieseltractor/16.jpg
1964johndeere3020dieseltractor/13.jpg 1964johndeere3020dieseltractor/12.jpg 1964johndeere3020dieseltractor/19.jpg 1964johndeere3020dieseltractor/18.jpg
1964johndeere3020dieseltractor/17.jpg 1964johndeere3020dieseltractor/20.jpg

John Deere 4520 tractor, hours 2,233, hp 53, 4WD, cab, air, heat, hydro trans, ag tires, 8-16 front tires, 13.6-28 rear tires, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, drawbar, 4 cyl diesel with turbo, John Deere 400 X Quick Tach loader, Quick Tach forks, tilt steering, runs and operates great 


johndeere4520tractor/6.jpg johndeere4520tractor/2.jpg johndeere4520tractor/1.jpg johndeere4520tractor/12.jpg
johndeere4520tractor/11.jpg johndeere4520tractor/17.jpg johndeere4520tractor/16.jpg johndeere4520tractor/19.jpg
johndeere4520tractor/18.jpg johndeere4520tractor/20.jpg

2000 John Deere 6410, 104 hp, 2 wheel drive, cab, air, heat, power quad trans, 2 remotes, 5' side mounted brush hog, 8' 3 pt hitch, rear mower, 540 pto, 18.4-38 rear tires, runs and mows great


2000johndeere6410/104155310.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155318.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155312.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155322.jpg
2000johndeere6410/104155320.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155366.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155342.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155386.jpg

Case 570M XT tractor with box blade, hours 4,607, 4WD, Rops, 82" wide manual Quick Tach front bucket, 48" Quick Tach pallet forks, 84" wide 3 pt hitch box blade with hyd scarfire, drawbar, hyd tilt and center link, 19.5-24 rear tires, 4 speed shuttle trans, 4 cyl Cummins diesel, runs and operates great 


case570mxttractorwithboxblade/8.jpg case570mxttractorwithboxblade/3.jpg case570mxttractorwithboxblade/14.jpg case570mxttractorwithboxblade/13.jpg
case570mxttractorwithboxblade/12.jpg case570mxttractorwithboxblade/1.jpg case570mxttractorwithboxblade/18.jpg case570mxttractorwithboxblade/17.jpg
case570mxttractorwithboxblade/16.jpg case570mxttractorwithboxblade/15.jpg

2000 New Holland TS110 tractor W/side mower, hours 5,386, hp 110, 2WD, cab, air, heat, 12 speed trans, RT hand forward and reverse, joystick valve, 2 remotes, 3 pt hitch with telescopic lift arms, 540 pto, drawbar, 16.9-30 radial rear tires, 11L-15 front tires, 4 cyl diesel with turbo, 6' Tigar side mounted flail mower, tractor runs and operates great, has no brakes 


2000newhollandts110tractorwsidemower/2.jpg 2000newhollandts110tractorwsidemower/1.jpg 2000newhollandts110tractorwsidemower/15.jpg 2000newhollandts110tractorwsidemower/11.jpg
2000newhollandts110tractorwsidemower/20.jpg 2000newhollandts110tractorwsidemower/17.jpg 2000newhollandts110tractorwsidemower/22.jpg 2000newhollandts110tractorwsidemower/25.jpg
2000newhollandts110tractorwsidemower/24.jpg 2000newhollandts110tractorwsidemower/23.jpg

1988 Ford 5610 series 2 tractor, hours 1791, hp 68, 2WD, Rops, Quick Tach loader, pin on forks with 48" tines, 4 cyl diesel, engine block heater, 15.5-38 rear tires, cast iron centers, power adjust rims, 7.50-16 front tires, 2 remotes, 540 pto, 3 pt hitch, drawbar, diff lock, 4 speed trans with high/low, nice tractor, runs and operates great 


1988ford5610series2tractor/3.jpg 1988ford5610series2tractor/1.jpg 1988ford5610series2tractor/8.jpg 1988ford5610series2tractor/7.jpg
1988ford5610series2tractor/5.jpg 1988ford5610series2tractor/13.jpg 1988ford5610series2tractor/12.jpg 1988ford5610series2tractor/11.jpg
1988ford5610series2tractor/15.jpg 1988ford5610series2tractor/14.jpg

1962 Ford 4000, 5690 hrs, 55 hp, 2WD, Ford 19-209 loader with trip bucket, Select-O-Speed trans, 3 pt, pto, 14.9-28 rears, rear wheel weights, 12V conversion


1962Ford4000/94533344.jpg 1962Ford4000/94533326.jpg 1962Ford4000/94533346.jpg 1962Ford4000/94533356.jpg
1962Ford4000/94533380.jpg 1962Ford4000/94533412.jpg

1959 Ford 871 tractor, hp 56, 2WD, 4 cyl gas motor, 3pt hitch, pto, drawbar, Select-O-Speed trans, 12.4-28 rear tires, 6.50-16 front tires, power steering, hyd, not running selling AS IS 


1959ford871tractor/1.jpg 1959ford871tractor/3.jpg 1959ford871tractor/2.jpg 1959ford871tractor/5.jpg
1959ford871tractor/4.jpg 1959ford871tractor/7.jpg 1959ford871tractor/6.jpg 1959ford871tractor/8.jpg
1959ford871tractor/9.jpg 1959ford871tractor/10.jpg

1975 White 2-105 tractor, hp 116, 2 WD, Rops/canopy, over/under/direct trans, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, drawbar, 2 remotes, 18.4-38 radial rear tires, cast iron centers, 11L-15 front tires, 6 cyl Perkins diesel, 105 pro hp, 1271 hours on the meter, runs and drives good, missing left side panel 


1975white2105tractor/9.jpg 1975white2105tractor/3.jpg 1975white2105tractor/1.jpg 1975white2105tractor/8.jpg
1975white2105tractor/11.jpg 1975white2105tractor/10.jpg 1975white2105tractor/16.jpg 1975white2105tractor/15.jpg
1975white2105tractor/13.jpg 1975white2105tractor/17.jpg

1974 White 2-105 tractor W/loader, hp 116, 2









1974 White 2-105 tractor W/loader, hp 116, 2WD, Schwartz 1500 loader, pin on bale spear, 6 cyl diesel, 3 pt hitch, 40 pto, 2 remotes, 18.4-38 rear tires, cast iron centers, 11L-15 front tires, over/under/direct trans, 3038 hours on the meter, White 2-105 with loader








1974white2105tractor/3.jpg 1974white2105tractor/2.jpg 1974white2105tractor/5.jpg 1974white2105tractor/4.jpg
1974white2105tractor/19.jpg 1974white2105tractor/18.jpg 1974white2105tractor/12.jpg 1974white2105tractor/22.jpg
1974white2105tractor/21.jpg 1974white2105tractor/20.jpg

1971 Oliver 1855 tractor, hours 6,432, partial cab, over/under trans, 6 cyl diesel, engine block heater, 3 pt hitch, pto, drawbar, 2 remotes, 18.4-34 rear tires, cast iron centers, needs new head gaskets, will run and drive 


1971oliver1855tractor/1.jpg 1971oliver1855tractor/2.jpg 1971oliver1855tractor/12.jpg 1971oliver1855tractor/10.jpg
1971oliver1855tractor/14.jpg 1971oliver1855tractor/17.jpg 1971oliver1855tractor/16.jpg 1971oliver1855tractor/18.jpg
1971oliver1855tractor/19.jpg 1971oliver1855tractor/21.jpg

1969 Oliver 1650 tractor, hours 4,488, 6 cyl gas motor, set back front axle, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, drawbar, 18.4-34 rear tires, power adjust wheels, over/under/ direct trans, front weights, runs good 


1969oliver1650tractor/7.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/3.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/2.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/11.jpg
1969oliver1650tractor/10.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/17.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/16.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/15.jpg
1969oliver1650tractor/14.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/12.jpg

1968 Oliver 1950T tractor, hours 3322, hp 110, 2 WD, 540 pto, 2 remotes, drawbar, 3 pt hitch, 18.4-38 rear tires, 11.00-16 front tires, 6 cyl Waukesha diesel motor, over/under/direct trans, runs and drives, has power steering problem 


1968oliver1950ttractor/8.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/2.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/1.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/9.jpg
1968oliver1950ttractor/14.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/13.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/17.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/16.jpg
1968oliver1950ttractor/15.jpg 1968oliver1950ttractor/18.jpg

1959 Oliver 880 tractor,hp 61,  6 cyl diesel motor, wide front end, 15.5-38 rear tires with cast iron centers, 1 remote, drawbar, pto, 2 inner rear wheel weights, 6 speed trans, new clutch, new starter, tractor runs and drives 


1959oliver880tractor/7.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/16.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/1.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/5.jpg
1959oliver880tractor/3.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/17.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/14.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/12.jpg
1959oliver880tractor/11.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/18.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/21.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/20.jpg

1982 Allis Chalmers 6060 tractor, hours 4,905, hp 70, 2WD, cab, air, heat, Allis Chalmers loader with loader stands, 72" wide bucket, turbo, 4 speed trans with high/low, diff lock, 2 remotes, 540 pto, 3 pt hitch with telescopic lift arms, 18.4-28 rear tires, 9.5-15 front tires, power adjust rear wheels, 1 rear wheel weight, engine smokes with running, runs and drives good 


1982allischalmers6060tractor/1.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/6.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/3.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/20.jpg
1982allischalmers6060tractor/18.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/15.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/12.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/23.jpg
1982allischalmers6060tractor/22.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/24.jpg