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2018 John Deere 5065E tractor, hours 623, hp 66.9, 4WD, cab, air, heat, 12 speed trans with lift hand reverser, John Deere 520M Quick Tach loader, 73" wide Euro style Quick Tach bucket, 3 cyl diesel with turbo, 16.9-28 rear tires, 9.5-24 front tires, 3 pt hitch with telescopic lift arms, 540 pto, 1 rear remote, joystick loader valve, runs great, nice tractor


2018johndeere5065etractor/1.jpg 2018johndeere5065etractor/8.jpg 2018johndeere5065etractor/7.jpg 2018johndeere5065etractor/6.jpg
2018johndeere5065etractor/5.jpg 2018johndeere5065etractor/4.jpg 2018johndeere5065etractor/3.jpg 2018johndeere5065etractor/2.jpg
2018johndeere5065etractor/9.jpg 2018johndeere5065etractor/10.jpg

2014 John Deere 5055E tractor, hours 1,057, hp 55, MFWD, cab, air, heat, radio, 4X4, 12 speed trans with left hand reverser, John Deere 553 Quick Tach loader, 73" wide Quick Tach bucket, 2 remotes, 540 pto, 3 pt hitch, drawbar, 14.9-28 rear tires, 9.5-24 front tires, joystick loader valve, runs and operates great, nice tractor 


2014johndeere5055etractor/1.jpg 2014johndeere5055etractor/8.jpg 2014johndeere5055etractor/7.jpg 2014johndeere5055etractor/6.jpg
2014johndeere5055etractor/5.jpg 2014johndeere5055etractor/4.jpg 2014johndeere5055etractor/3.jpg 2014johndeere5055etractor/2.jpg
2014johndeere5055etractor/9.jpg 2014johndeere5055etractor/10.jpg

2012 John Deere 6430 tractor, hp 115, MFWD, cab, air, heat, radio, 4X4, Power Qual trans with left hand reverser, buddy seat, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, drawbar, 3 remotes, 18.4-38 rear tires, 13.6-28 front tires, cold A/C, showing 207 hours on the meter, actual hours unknown, runs good, firm price 


2012johndeere6430tractor/2.jpg 2012johndeere6430tractor/1.jpg 2012johndeere6430tractor/9.jpg 2012johndeere6430tractor/8.jpg
2012johndeere6430tractor/7.jpg 2012johndeere6430tractor/6.jpg 2012johndeere6430tractor/5.jpg 2012johndeere6430tractor/4.jpg
2012johndeere6430tractor/3.jpg 2012johndeere6430tractor/10.jpg

2006 John Deere 4720 tractor, hours 4,133, hp 58, MFWD, Rops/canopy, 4WD, turf tires, 4 cyl John Deere diesel with turbo, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, drawbar, 1 rear remote, hydro trans, joystick loader valve, diff lock, tilt steering, 44X18.00-20 rear tires, 27X1.050-15 front tires, runs great, nice tractor, has a small power steering cyl leak 


2006johndeere4720tractorhours4133/2.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractorhours4133/1.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractorhours4133/9.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractorhours4133/8.jpg
2006johndeere4720tractorhours4133/7.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractorhours4133/6.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractorhours4133/5.jpg 2006johndeere4720tractorhours4133/4.jpg

2003 John deere 5520 tractor, hp 89, 4WD, folding Rops, John Deere 542 Quick Tach loader, 73" wide Quick Tach bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, 2 remotes, 18.4-30 rear tires, rear wheel weights, 12.4-24 front tires, 9 speed trans, 4 cyl John Deere diesel, diff lock, showing 471 hours on the meter, runs and drives good 


2003johndeere5520tractor/2.jpg 2003johndeere5520tractor/1.jpg 2003johndeere5520tractor/9.jpg 2003johndeere5520tractor/8.jpg
2003johndeere5520tractor/7.jpg 2003johndeere5520tractor/6.jpg 2003johndeere5520tractor/5.jpg 2003johndeere5520tractor/4.jpg
2003johndeere5520tractor/3.jpg 2003johndeere5520tractor/10.jpg

2001 John Deere 6210 tractor, hp 90, 2WD, cab, air, heat, John deere 620 Quick Tach loader, 73" wide Quick Tach bucket, 2 remotes, 540 pto, 3 pt hitch with telescopic lift arms, 18.4-30 rear tires, 10.00-16 front tires, power quad trans with RT hand reverser, digital hour meter not working, actual hours unknown, used in hay last season, runs great, little engine blow by 


2001johndeere6210tractor/3.jpg 2001johndeere6210tractor/2.jpg 2001johndeere6210tractor/1.jpg 2001johndeere6210tractor/9.jpg
2001johndeere6210tractor/8.jpg 2001johndeere6210tractor/7.jpg 2001johndeere6210tractor/6.jpg 2001johndeere6210tractor/5.jpg
2001johndeere6210tractor/4.jpg 2001johndeere6210tractor/10.jpg

2000 John Deere 5510 tractor, hp 89, 2WD, folding Rops/canopy, 4 cyl John Deere diesel, 9 speed trans, turf tires, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, drawbar, 2 remotes, 16.9-24 rear tires, 11L-15 front tires,  diff lock, joystick loader valve, runs and drives great 


2000johndeere5510tractor/7.jpg 2000johndeere5510tractor/6.jpg 2000johndeere5510tractor/5.jpg 2000johndeere5510tractor/4.jpg
2000johndeere5510tractor/3.jpg 2000johndeere5510tractor/2.jpg 2000johndeere5510tractor/1.jpg 2000johndeere5510tractor/9.jpg
2000johndeere5510tractor/8.jpg 2000johndeere5510tractor/10.jpg

1983 John Deere 2950 tractor, hours 5,113, hp 94, 2WD, cab, air, heat, 3 pt hitch, 2 remotes, drawbar, 540/1000 pto, 16.9-38 rear tires, Cast iron wheel centers, 6 cyl John Deere diesel, engine block heater, Quad Range trans with high/low, no belt on A/C pump, runs and drives good 


1983johndeere2950tractor/7.jpg 1983johndeere2950tractor/6.jpg 1983johndeere2950tractor/5.jpg 1983johndeere2950tractor/4.jpg
1983johndeere2950tractor/3.jpg 1983johndeere2950tractor/2.jpg 1983johndeere2950tractor/1.jpg 1983johndeere2950tractor/9.jpg
1983johndeere2950tractor/8.jpg 1983johndeere2950tractor/10.jpg

1967 John Deere 3020 tractor, hours 6479, hp 77, 2WD, diesel, 1 remote, 540/1000 pto, 3 pt hitch, drawbar, 15.5-38 rear tires with cast iron wheel centers and 2 wheel weights, 7.50-15 front tires, 3 front weights, nice tractor with original paint 


1967johndeere3020tractor/2.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/1.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/8.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/12.jpg
1967johndeere3020tractor/10.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/15.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/14.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/13.jpg
1967johndeere3020tractor/17.jpg 1967johndeere3020tractor/16.jpg

2000 John Deere 6410, 104 hp, 2 wheel drive, cab, air, heat, power quad trans, 2 remotes, 5' side mounted brush hog, 8' 3 pt hitch, rear mower, 540 pto, 18.4-38 rear tires, runs and mows great


2000johndeere6410/104155310.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155318.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155312.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155322.jpg
2000johndeere6410/104155320.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155366.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155342.jpg 2000johndeere6410/104155386.jpg

2005 Kubota L5030 tractor, hours 1,245, hp 50, 4WD, folding Rops, 12 speed glide shift trans, left hand shuttle, 540 pto, woods BH80-X sub frame mounted backhoe with pto pump, 12" bucket, mechanical thumb, 44X18.00-20 rear turf tires, 29X12.5-15 front turf tires, 4 cyl diesel, loader brackets, diff lock, runs and operates great 


2005kubotal5030dtractor/1.jpg 2005kubotal5030dtractor/4.jpg 2005kubotal5030dtractor/8.jpg 2005kubotal5030dtractor/10.jpg
2005kubotal5030dtractor/15.jpg 2005kubotal5030dtractor/14.jpg 2005kubotal5030dtractor/12.jpg 2005kubotal5030dtractor/17.jpg
2005kubotal5030dtractor/19.jpg 2005kubotal5030dtractor/18.jpg

Kubota MX 5000 SU tractor W/loader, hours 495, hp 52, 2WD, folding Rops/canopy, Kubota LB 702 Quick Tach loader, 71" wide bucket, 4 cyl diesel, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, drawbar, 1 remote, 13.6-28 rear tires, 9.5-15 front tires, 4 speed trans with high/low, diff lock, joystick loader valve, runs and operates great


kubotamx5000sutractorwloader/1.jpg kubotamx5000sutractorwloader/3.jpg kubotamx5000sutractorwloader/2.jpg kubotamx5000sutractorwloader/5.jpg
kubotamx5000sutractorwloader/4.jpg kubotamx5000sutractorwloader/7.jpg kubotamx5000sutractorwloader/6.jpg kubotamx5000sutractorwloader/9.jpg
kubotamx5000sutractorwloader/8.jpg kubotamx5000sutractorwloader/10.jpg

2006 New Holland TN70DA tractor, hours 2,103, hp 70, 4WD, cab air heat, New Holland 32LC Quick Tach loader, 78" wide skid steer style Quick Tach bucket, 3 pt hitch with telescopic lift arms, 540 pto, drawbar, 2 remotes, 16.9-30 rear tires, 11.2-24 front tires, 16 speed trans with lift hand reverser, joystick loader valve


2006newhollandtn70datractor/6.jpg 2006newhollandtn70datractor/5.jpg 2006newhollandtn70datractor/4.jpg 2006newhollandtn70datractor/3.jpg
2006newhollandtn70datractor/2.jpg 2006newhollandtn70datractor/1.jpg 2006newhollandtn70datractor/9.jpg 2006newhollandtn70datractor/8.jpg
2006newhollandtn70datractor/7.jpg 2006newhollandtn70datractor/10.jpg

1988 Ford 5610 series 2 tractor, hours 1791, hp 68, 2WD, Rops, Quick Tach loader, pin on forks with 48" tines, 4 cyl diesel, engine block heater, 15.5-38 rear tires, cast iron centers, power adjust rims, 7.50-16 front tires, 2 remotes, 540 pto, 3 pt hitch, drawbar, diff lock, 4 speed trans with high/low, nice tractor, runs and operates great 


1988ford5610seriesiitractor/1.jpg 1988ford5610seriesiitractor/3.jpg 1988ford5610seriesiitractor/2.jpg 1988ford5610seriesiitractor/6.jpg
1988ford5610seriesiitractor/5.jpg 1988ford5610seriesiitractor/4.jpg 1988ford5610seriesiitractor/8.jpg 1988ford5610seriesiitractor/7.jpg
1988ford5610seriesiitractor/9.jpg 1988ford5610seriesiitractor/10.jpg

1962 Ford 4000, 5690 hrs, 55 hp, 2WD, Ford 19-209 loader with trip bucket, Select-O-Speed trans, 3 pt, pto, 14.9-28 rears, rear wheel weights, 12V conversion


1962Ford4000/94533344.jpg 1962Ford4000/94533326.jpg 1962Ford4000/94533346.jpg 1962Ford4000/94533356.jpg
1962Ford4000/94533380.jpg 1962Ford4000/94533412.jpg

1959 Ford 871 tractor, hp 56, 2WD, 4 cyl gas motor, 3pt hitch, pto, drawbar, Select-O-Speed trans, 12.4-28 rear tires, 6.50-16 front tires, power steering, hyd, not running selling AS IS 


1959ford871tractor/1.jpg 1959ford871tractor/3.jpg 1959ford871tractor/2.jpg 1959ford871tractor/5.jpg
1959ford871tractor/4.jpg 1959ford871tractor/7.jpg 1959ford871tractor/6.jpg 1959ford871tractor/8.jpg
1959ford871tractor/9.jpg 1959ford871tractor/10.jpg

1969 Oliver 1650 tractor, hours 4,488, 6 cyl gas motor, set back front axle, 3 pt hitch, 540 pto, drawbar, 18.4-34 rear tires, power adjust wheels, over/under/ direct trans, front weights, runs good 


1969oliver1650tractor/7.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/3.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/2.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/11.jpg
1969oliver1650tractor/10.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/17.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/16.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/15.jpg
1969oliver1650tractor/14.jpg 1969oliver1650tractor/12.jpg

1959 Oliver 880 tractor,hp 61,  6 cyl diesel motor, wide front end, 15.5-38 rear tires with cast iron centers, 1 remote, drawbar, pto, 2 inner rear wheel weights, 6 speed trans, new clutch, new starter, tractor runs and drives 


1959oliver880tractor/7.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/16.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/1.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/5.jpg
1959oliver880tractor/3.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/17.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/14.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/12.jpg
1959oliver880tractor/11.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/18.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/21.jpg 1959oliver880tractor/20.jpg

1982 Allis Chalmers 6060 tractor, hours 4,905, hp 70, 2WD, cab, air, heat, Allis Chalmers loader with loader stands, 72" wide bucket, turbo, 4 speed trans with high/low, diff lock, 2 remotes, 540 pto, 3 pt hitch with telescopic lift arms, 18.4-28 rear tires, 9.5-15 front tires, power adjust rear wheels, 1 rear wheel weight, engine smokes with running, runs and drives good 


1982allischalmers6060tractor/1.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/6.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/3.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/20.jpg
1982allischalmers6060tractor/18.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/15.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/12.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/23.jpg
1982allischalmers6060tractor/22.jpg 1982allischalmers6060tractor/24.jpg