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2017 New Holland L218 skidsteer, hours 587, hp 57, Rops, pilot controls, manual Quick Tach, 77" wide low profile bucket, aux hyd, 12-16.5 tires, 4 cyl diesel, 2 speed, 1800lb lift capacity, machine weighs 6000lbs, very nice running and operating skidsteer 


2017newhollandl218skidsteer/4.jpg 2017newhollandl218skidsteer/3.jpg 2017newhollandl218skidsteer/2.jpg 2017newhollandl218skidsteer/1.jpg
2017newhollandl218skidsteer/9.jpg 2017newhollandl218skidsteer/8.jpg 2017newhollandl218skidsteer/7.jpg 2017newhollandl218skidsteer/6.jpg
2017newhollandl218skidsteer/5.jpg 2017newhollandl218skidsteer/10.jpg

2000 New Holland LS180 skid steer, Hours 7,624, hp 67, Ros, 79" wide low profile bucket, manual Quick Tach, aux hyd, foot control, 12-16.5 tires, 4 cyl diesel with turbo, 2 speed, 2200lb lift capacity, weighs 7500lbs, runs and operates good 


2000newhollandls180skidsteer/2.jpg 2000newhollandls180skidsteer/1.jpg 2000newhollandls180skidsteer/9.jpg 2000newhollandls180skidsteer/8.jpg
2000newhollandls180skidsteer/7.jpg 2000newhollandls180skidsteer/6.jpg 2000newhollandls180skidsteer/5.jpg 2000newhollandls180skidsteer/4.jpg
2000newhollandls180skidsteer/3.jpg 2000newhollandls180skidsteer/10.jpg

1998 Case 90XT skid steer, hp 80, Rops, 4 cyl Cummins diesel with turbo, 80" wide low profile bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 12-16.5 tirees, std flow hyd, front electric, hand controls, 2450lb lift capacity, weighs 9000lbs, showing 114 hours on the meter (not actual hours) runs and operates good 


1998case90xtskidsteer/7.jpg 1998case90xtskidsteer/6.jpg 1998case90xtskidsteer/5.jpg 1998case90xtskidsteer/4.jpg
1998case90xtskidsteer/3.jpg 1998case90xtskidsteer/2.jpg 1998case90xtskidsteer/1.jpg 1998case90xtskidsteer/8.jpg
1998case90xtskidsteer/9.jpg 1998case90xtskidsteer/10.jpg

2015 Cat 279D skid steer, hours 1700, cab, air, heat, 2 speed travel, 16" rubber tracks, power Quick Tach, aux hyd, electric plug on the front, 72" low profile bucket, 2900lb lift capacity, weighs 9000lbs, runs great, very nice skid steer


2015cat279dskidsteer/2.jpg 2015cat279dskidsteer/1.jpg 2015cat279dskidsteer/9.jpg 2015cat279dskidsteer/5.jpg
2015cat279dskidsteer/12.jpg 2015cat279dskidsteer/11.jpg 2015cat279dskidsteer/10.jpg 2015cat279dskidsteer/15.jpg
2015cat279dskidsteer/14.jpg 2015cat279dskidsteer/13.jpg

2000 Cat 246 skidsteer, hours 3,570, hp 80, Rops, pilot controls, aux hyd, manual Quick Tach, 72" wide low profile bucket, 12-16.5 tires, 4 cyl diesel with turbo, 2000lb lift capacity, machine weighs 7200lbs, runs and operates great 


2000cat246skidsteer/4.jpg 2000cat246skidsteer/3.jpg 2000cat246skidsteer/2.jpg 2000cat246skidsteer/1.jpg
2000cat246skidsteer/9.jpg 2000cat246skidsteer/8.jpg 2000cat246skidsteer/7.jpg 2000cat246skidsteer/6.jpg
2000cat246skidsteer/5.jpg 2000cat246skidsteer/10.jpg

2016 Bobcat T550 skidsteer, hours 1,094, hp66, Rops, pilot controls, foot throttle, aux hyd, 12" rubber tracks, universal Quick Tach, 4 cyl diesel, engine block heater, 2 speed travel, 200lb lift capacity, weighs 8000lbs, sells with bucket, runs great 


2016bobcatt550skidsteer/1.jpg 2016bobcatt550skidsteer/5.jpg 2016bobcatt550skidsteer/2.jpg 2016bobcatt550skidsteer/9.jpg
2016bobcatt550skidsteer/13.jpg 2016bobcatt550skidsteer/12.jpg 2016bobcatt550skidsteer/11.jpg 2016bobcatt550skidsteer/16.jpg
2016bobcatt550skidsteer/15.jpg 2016bobcatt550skidsteer/14.jpg

2015 Bobcat T590 skid steer, hours 1,570, cab, air, heat, radio, pilot controls, 12" rubber tracks, 68" wide low profile bucket, aux hyd, front electric, 4 cyl Kubota diesel, manual Quick Tach, kdyless start, 2000lb lift capacity, weighs 8000lbs, runs and operates great 


2015bobcatt590skidsteer/3.jpg 2015bobcatt590skidsteer/2.jpg 2015bobcatt590skidsteer/1.jpg 2015bobcatt590skidsteer/5.jpg
2015bobcatt590skidsteer/4.jpg 2015bobcatt590skidsteer/7.jpg 2015bobcatt590skidsteer/6.jpg 2015bobcatt590skidsteer/9.jpg
2015bobcatt590skidsteer/8.jpg 2015bobcatt590skidsteer/10.jpg

2014 Bobcat S630 skid steer, hours 2,181, hp 75, cab, heat, foot control, aux hyd, manual Quick Tach, 79" wide bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 4 cyl Kubota diesel, 12-16.5 tires, 2180 lb lift capacity, weighs 7800lbs, runs and operates great 


2014bobcats630skidsteerhours2181/9.jpg 2014bobcats630skidsteerhours2181/8.jpg 2014bobcats630skidsteerhours2181/7.jpg 2014bobcats630skidsteerhours2181/6.jpg
2014bobcats630skidsteerhours2181/5.jpg 2014bobcats630skidsteerhours2181/4.jpg 2014bobcats630skidsteerhours2181/3.jpg 2014bobcats630skidsteerhours2181/10.jpg
2014bobcats630skidsteerhours2181/2.jpg 2014bobcats630skidsteerhours2181/1.jpg

2013 Bobcat T590 skid steer, hours 2,061, hp 66, cab, air, heat, radio, 4 cyl Kubota diesel, 16" wide rubber tracks, 80" wide Quick Tach bucket, power Quick Tach, pilot controls, std flow hyd, front electric, 2 speed travel, weighs 8000lbs, 2000lb lift capacity, selectable joystick controls, no cab door, runs and operates great 


2013bobcatt590skidsteer/4.jpg 2013bobcatt590skidsteer/3.jpg 2013bobcatt590skidsteer/2.jpg 2013bobcatt590skidsteer/1.jpg
2013bobcatt590skidsteer/9.jpg 2013bobcatt590skidsteer/8.jpg 2013bobcatt590skidsteer/7.jpg 2013bobcatt590skidsteer/6.jpg
2013bobcatt590skidsteer/5.jpg 2013bobcatt590skidsteer/10.jpg

1996 Bobcat 763 skidsteer, hours 4,747, hp 46, Rops, foot control 4 cyl Kubota diesel, manual Quick Tach, aux hyd, 67" wide low profile bucket, 10-16.5 tires, 1500lb capacity, weighs 5500lbs, runs and operates good 


1996bobcat763skidsteer/2.jpg 1996bobcat763skidsteer/1.jpg 1996bobcat763skidsteer/9.jpg 1996bobcat763skidsteer/8.jpg
1996bobcat763skidsteer/7.jpg 1996bobcat763skidsteer/6.jpg 1996bobcat763skidsteer/5.jpg 1996bobcat763skidsteer/4.jpg
1996bobcat763skidsteer/3.jpg 1996bobcat763skidsteer/10.jpg