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2013 John Deere 650K XLT dozer, hours 4,525, hp 101, Rops, 104" wide 6 way blade, 18" track pads, 7 roller bottom, turbo, drawbar, joystick steering, air seat, weighs 20,000lbs, nice dozer, new track chains, sprockets, top idlers, serviced 


2013johndeere650kxltdozer/6.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/3.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/1.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/23.jpg
2013johndeere650kxltdozer/22.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/21.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/14.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/12.jpg
2013johndeere650kxltdozer/26.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/24.jpg

2012 John Deere 550JLT dozer, hours 3,365, hp 80, Rops/sweeps, 105" wide 6 way blade, joystick steering, screen kit, 6 roller bottom, turbo, 18" pads, weighs 18,000lbs, very nice dozer  


2012johndeere550jltdozer/3.jpg 2012johndeere550jltdozer/2.jpg 2012johndeere550jltdozer/1.jpg 2012johndeere550jltdozer/4.jpg

2010 John Deere 650JLT Dozer, hours 5855, hp 90, cab, air, heat, radio, 20" pads, 6 roller bottom, 105" wide blade, side engine door, weighs 18,500lbs, very clean dozer


2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024875782.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024875810.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024875868.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024875946.jpg
2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024875998.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024876064.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024876104.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024876170.jpg
2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024876208.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024876222.jpg

2000 John Deere 550 HLT dozer, hp 80, Rops, 105" wide 6 way blade, 18" track pads, drawbar, 6 roller bottom, 4 cyl John Deere diesel with turbo, joystick steering, heat under the seat, weighs 17,000lbs, engine runs strong, actual hours unknown, service code light on the dash is on, needs track chains and sprockets, RT side track seems to have no power only steers to the right 


2000johndeere550hltdozer/2.jpg 2000johndeere550hltdozer/1.jpg 2000johndeere550hltdozer/6.jpg 2000johndeere550hltdozer/5.jpg
2000johndeere550hltdozer/4.jpg 2000johndeere550hltdozer/3.jpg 2000johndeere550hltdozer/8.jpg 2000johndeere550hltdozer/7.jpg
2000johndeere550hltdozer/9.jpg 2000johndeere550hltdozer/10.jpg

1971 John Deere 350B dozer, 4 post Rops, 14" track pads, 80" wide 6 way blade, 3 cyl John Deere diesel, 5 roller bottom, lever steer, reverser, weighs 10,600lbs, runs and operates good, has a hyd leak in the belly pan, showing 1721 hours on the meter 


1971johndeere350bdozer/3.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/2.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/1.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/9.jpg
1971johndeere350bdozer/8.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/7.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/6.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/5.jpg
1971johndeere350bdozer/4.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/10.jpg

2001 Cat 963C crawler loader, hours 14,554, hp 150, cab, air, heat, hydro trans, pedel steer, 22" track pads, 100" wide bucket, 6 roller bottom, Cat 3116 engine, air blows cold, extra counterweights, weighs 45,000lbs, selling on consignment 


2001cat963ccrawlerloader/8.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/6.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/3.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/22.jpg
2001cat963ccrawlerloader/13.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/12.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/1.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/24.jpg
2001cat963ccrawlerloader/23.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/25.jpg

2006 Komatsu D37EX-21A dozer, hours 3,248, hp 85, Rops, 107" wide 6 way blade, 16" track pads, 6 roller bottom, 4 cyl Cummins diesel with turbo, joystick steering, weighs 17,500.00lbs, runs and operates great 


2006komatsud37ex21adozer/2.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/1.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/4.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/3.jpg
2006komatsud37ex21adozer/6.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/5.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/8.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/7.jpg
2006komatsud37ex21adozer/9.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/10.jpg

1990 Komatsu D20A-6 Dozer, hours 3,708, hp 40, Rops, 86" wide 6 way blade, 12" track pads, 5 roller bottom, 4 cyl diesel, stick shift, 3 forward 2 reverse gears, lever steer, weighs 8000lbs, engien runs great, steers to the right great, will steer left after a bit in forward, wouldn't steer left in reverse, nice little dozer with good undercarriage 


1990komatsud20a6dozerhours3708/8.jpg 1990komatsud20a6dozerhours3708/7.jpg 1990komatsud20a6dozerhours3708/6.jpg 1990komatsud20a6dozerhours3708/5.jpg
1990komatsud20a6dozerhours3708/4.jpg 1990komatsud20a6dozerhours3708/3.jpg 1990komatsud20a6dozerhours3708/2.jpg 1990komatsud20a6dozerhours3708/1.jpg
1990komatsud20a6dozerhours3708/9.jpg 1990komatsud20a6dozerhours3708/10.jpg

1990 Komatsu D20AG dozer, hours 2,497, hp 40, 4 post Rops/sweeps, 85" wide 6 way blade, 12" rubber tracks, 4 cyl diesel, 3 speed stick shift trans, lever steer, drawbar, weighs 8500lbs, runs great 


1994komatsud20agdozer/6.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/3.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/20.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/1.jpg
1994komatsud20agdozer/28.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/27.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/24.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/23.jpg
1994komatsud20agdozer/22.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/29.jpg

Komatsu D20P-6 dozer, hours 1,207, hp 40, Rops/canopy, 101" wide 6 way blade, 20" wide pyramid pads, 4 cyl diesel, 5 roller bottom, stick shift trans, lever steer, drawbar, showing 1207 hours on the meter, weighs 8500lbs, engine runs good, doesn't drive, clutch or transmission problem 


komatsud20p6dozer/1.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/0.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/3.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/2.jpg
komatsud20p6dozer/5.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/4.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/7.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/6.jpg
komatsud20p6dozer/9.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/8.jpg

Mitsubishi BD2G dozer, hours 1,500, hp 40, 4 post Rops, 20" pyramid pads, 99" wide 6 way blade, drawbar, 4 cyl diesel motor, stick shift trans, 3 forward gears, 2 reverse gears, lever steer, weighs 9500lbs, showing 1500 hours on the meter, selling on consignment, runs/drives/operates great, nice little dozer 


mitsubishibd2gdozer/3.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/2.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/1.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/8.jpg
mitsubishibd2gdozer/7.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/6.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/5.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/4.jpg
mitsubishibd2gdozer/9.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/10.jpg