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2013 John Deere 650K XLT dozer, hours 4,525, hp 101, Rops, 104" wide 6 way blade, 18" track pads, 7 roller bottom, turbo, drawbar, joystick steering, air seat, weighs 20,000lbs, nice dozer, new track chains, sprockets, top idlers, serviced 


2013johndeere650kxltdozer/6.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/3.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/1.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/23.jpg
2013johndeere650kxltdozer/22.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/21.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/14.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/12.jpg
2013johndeere650kxltdozer/26.jpg 2013johndeere650kxltdozer/24.jpg

2012 John Deere 550JLT dozer, hours 3,365, hp 80, Rops/sweeps, 105" wide 6 way blade, joystick steering, screen kit, 6 roller bottom, turbo, 18" pads, weighs 18,000lbs, very nice dozer  


2012johndeere550jltdozer/3.jpg 2012johndeere550jltdozer/2.jpg 2012johndeere550jltdozer/1.jpg 2012johndeere550jltdozer/4.jpg

2010 John Deere 650JLT Dozer, hours 5855, hp 90, cab, air, heat, radio, 20" pads, 6 roller bottom, 105" wide blade, side engine door, weighs 18,500lbs, very clean dozer


2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024875782.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024875810.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024875868.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024875946.jpg
2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024875998.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024876064.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024876104.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024876170.jpg
2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024876208.jpg 2010johndeere650jltdozer/2024876222.jpg

2006 John Deere 700J LGP Dozer, hours 8,169, hp 155, cab, air, heat, 11' wide 6 way blade, 30" track pads, weighs 38,000lbs, customer owned selling on consignment, has two new final drives just put on, very nice dozer 


2006johndeere700jlgpdozer/3.jpg 2006johndeere700jlgpdozer/2.jpg 2006johndeere700jlgpdozer/1.jpg 2006johndeere700jlgpdozer/9.jpg
2006johndeere700jlgpdozer/8.jpg 2006johndeere700jlgpdozer/7.jpg 2006johndeere700jlgpdozer/6.jpg 2006johndeere700jlgpdozer/5.jpg
2006johndeere700jlgpdozer/4.jpg 2006johndeere700jlgpdozer/10.jpg

1971 John Deere 350B dozer, 4 post Rops, 14" track pads, 80" wide 6 way blade, 3 cyl John Deere diesel, 5 roller bottom, lever steer, reverser, weighs 10,600lbs, runs and operates good, has a hyd leak in the belly pan, showing 1721 hours on the meter 


1971johndeere350bdozer/3.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/2.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/1.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/9.jpg
1971johndeere350bdozer/8.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/7.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/6.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/5.jpg
1971johndeere350bdozer/4.jpg 1971johndeere350bdozer/10.jpg

2001 Cat 963C crawler loader, hours 14,554, hp 150, cab, air, heat, hydro trans, pedel steer, 22" track pads, 100" wide bucket, 6 roller bottom, Cat 3116 engine, air blows cold, extra counterweights, weighs 45,000lbs, selling on consignment 


2001cat963ccrawlerloader/8.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/6.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/3.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/22.jpg
2001cat963ccrawlerloader/13.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/12.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/1.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/24.jpg
2001cat963ccrawlerloader/23.jpg 2001cat963ccrawlerloader/25.jpg

2007 Komatsu D37EX-21 dozer, hours 4,492, hp 85, cab, air, heat, 16" pads, 108" wide 6 way blade, drawbar, joystick steering, 4 cyl Cummins diesel with turbo, 6 roller bottom, weighs 17,000lbs, runs and operates great 


2007komatsud37ex21dozer/7.jpg 2007komatsud37ex21dozer/6.jpg 2007komatsud37ex21dozer/5.jpg 2007komatsud37ex21dozer/4.jpg
2007komatsud37ex21dozer/3.jpg 2007komatsud37ex21dozer/2.jpg 2007komatsud37ex21dozer/1.jpg 2007komatsud37ex21dozer/9.jpg
2007komatsud37ex21dozer/8.jpg 2007komatsud37ex21dozer/10.jpg

2006 Komatsu D37EX-21A dozer, hours 3,248, hp 85, Rops, 107" wide 6 way blade, 16" track pads, 6 roller bottom, 4 cyl Cummins diesel with turbo, joystick steering, weighs 17,500.00lbs, runs and operates great 


2006komatsud37ex21adozer/2.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/1.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/4.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/3.jpg
2006komatsud37ex21adozer/6.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/5.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/8.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/7.jpg
2006komatsud37ex21adozer/9.jpg 2006komatsud37ex21adozer/10.jpg

1990 Komatsu D20AG dozer, hours 2,497, hp 40, 4 post Rops/sweeps, 85" wide 6 way blade, 12" rubber tracks, 4 cyl diesel, 3 speed stick shift trans, lever steer, drawbar, weighs 8500lbs, runs great 


1994komatsud20agdozer/6.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/3.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/20.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/1.jpg
1994komatsud20agdozer/28.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/27.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/24.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/23.jpg
1994komatsud20agdozer/22.jpg 1994komatsud20agdozer/29.jpg

Komatsu D20P-6 dozer, hours 1,207, hp 40, Rops/canopy, 101" wide 6 way blade, 20" wide pyramid pads, 4 cyl diesel, 5 roller bottom, stick shift trans, lever steer, drawbar, showing 1207 hours on the meter, weighs 8500lbs, engine runs good, doesn't drive, clutch or transmission problem 


komatsud20p6dozer/1.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/0.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/3.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/2.jpg
komatsud20p6dozer/5.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/4.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/7.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/6.jpg
komatsud20p6dozer/9.jpg komatsud20p6dozer/8.jpg

1986 Case 850D Dozer, hp 82, Rops/sweeps, 6 cyl 5.9 Cummins with turbo, 17" track pads, 5 roller bottom, 105" wide 6 way blade, rear hyd ripper, weighs 18,000lbs, showing 390 hours on the meter, runs and operates great, nice dozer 


1986case850ddozer/4.jpg 1986case850ddozer/3.jpg 1986case850ddozer/2.jpg 1986case850ddozer/1.jpg
1986case850ddozer/9.jpg 1986case850ddozer/8.jpg 1986case850ddozer/7.jpg 1986case850ddozer/6.jpg
1986case850ddozer/5.jpg 1986case850ddozer/10.jpg

Mitsubishi BD2G dozer, hours 1,500, hp 40, 4 post Rops, 20" pyramid pads, 99" wide 6 way blade, drawbar, 4 cyl diesel motor, stick shift trans, 3 forward gears, 2 reverse gears, lever steer, weighs 9500lbs, showing 1500 hours on the meter, selling on consignment, runs/drives/operates great, nice little dozer 


mitsubishibd2gdozer/3.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/2.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/1.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/8.jpg
mitsubishibd2gdozer/7.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/6.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/5.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/4.jpg
mitsubishibd2gdozer/9.jpg mitsubishibd2gdozer/10.jpg