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2010 John Deere 310J backhoe, hours 3644, HP 72, 4WD, cab, air, heat, std hoe, 86" wide 4 in 1 front bucket, 24" Wain Roy Quick Tach rear bucket, 2 lever controls, rear plumbing, 19.5-24 rer tires, powershift trans, runs and operates great, nice backhoe  


2010johndeere310jbackhoehours3644/1.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoehours3644/2.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoehours3644/6.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoehours3644/12.jpg
2010johndeere310jbackhoehours3644/15.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoehours3644/14.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoehours3644/17.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoehours3644/16.jpg
2010johndeere310jbackhoehours3644/18.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoehours3644/19.jpg

2010 John Deere 310J backhoe, hours 2,476, hp 84, 4WD, cab, air, heat, E-Hoe, powershift trans, 84" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 24" rear bucket, quick coupler, 19.5-24 rear tires, ride control, 2 lever control, diff lock, weighs 16,500lbs, very nice backhoe  


2010johndeere310jbackhoe/3.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/1.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/9.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/5.jpg
2010johndeere310jbackhoe/10.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/17.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/15.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/14.jpg
2010johndeere310jbackhoe/12.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/18.jpg

2008 John Deere 310J backhoe, hours 2426, hp 84, 4WD, cab, heat, 2 lever controls, E-Hoe, turbo, 24" rear bucket, 84" front bucket with cutting edge, flip over forks, power shift trans, 19.5-24 rear tires, diff lock, runs and drives great


2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195032.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195216.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195252.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195290.jpg
2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195320.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195350.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195402.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195418.jpg
2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195456.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195482.jpg

2007 JOhn Deere 310 J backhoe, hours 2,371, 4WD, cab, heat, E-Hoe, 2 lever controls, turbo, engine block heater, powershift trans, 24" Quick Tach rear bucket, rear plumbing, 19.5-24 rear tires, 12-16.5 front tires, 91" Quick Tach front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, front hyd Quick coupler, runs and operates great  


2007johndeere310jbackhoe/4.jpg 2007johndeere310jbackhoe/2.jpg 2007johndeere310jbackhoe/15.jpg 2007johndeere310jbackhoe/14.jpg
2007johndeere310jbackhoe/13.jpg 2007johndeere310jbackhoe/11.jpg 2007johndeere310jbackhoe/20.jpg 2007johndeere310jbackhoe/19.jpg
2007johndeere310jbackhoe/18.jpg 2007johndeere310jbackhoe/17.jpg

2007 John Deere 310SJ backhoe, hourd 5157, hp 92, 4WD, cab, air, heat, E-Hoe, 2 lever controls, 91" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 24" rear bucket, 12.5-80R18 front tires, 19.5-24 rear tires, air seat, ride control, pwer shift trans, very good running backhoe 


2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/2.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/1.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/18.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/17.jpg
2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/16.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/14.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/13.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/21.jpg
2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/20.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/19.jpg

2002 John Deere 310 G backhoe, hours 3,745, Hp 79, 4WD, cab, heat, E-Hoe, 90" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, Roll-On fork brackets, 19.5-24 rear tires, 12" rear bucket, 2 lever controls, shuttle trans, mechanical Quick Tach coupler on rear bucket, very nice clean backhoe  


2002johndeere310gbackhoe/4.jpg 2002johndeere310gbackhoe/1.jpg 2002johndeere310gbackhoe/7.jpg 2002johndeere310gbackhoe/10.jpg
2002johndeere310gbackhoe/12.jpg 2002johndeere310gbackhoe/11.jpg 2002johndeere310gbackhoe/14.jpg 2002johndeere310gbackhoe/13.jpg
2002johndeere310gbackhoe/15.jpg 2002johndeere310gbackhoe/16.jpg

1998 John Deere 310E backhoe, hours 6596, hp 71, 4WD, Rops, plexiglass windows, heat, E-Hoe, 30" rear bucket, 19.5-24 rear tires, 12.16.5 front tires, 84" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 2 lever controls, shuttle trans, weighs 15,000lbs, good running backhoe 


1998johndeere310ebackhoehours6596/2.jpg 1998johndeere310ebackhoehours6596/1.jpg 1998johndeere310ebackhoehours6596/6.jpg 1998johndeere310ebackhoehours6596/5.jpg
1998johndeere310ebackhoehours6596/8.jpg 1998johndeere310ebackhoehours6596/13.jpg 1998johndeere310ebackhoehours6596/12.jpg 1998johndeere310ebackhoehours6596/15.jpg
1998johndeere310ebackhoehours6596/14.jpg 1998johndeere310ebackhoehours6596/16.jpg

1995 John Deere 310D backhoe, hours 3041, hp 70, 2WD, Rops, std hoe, 90" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 24" rear bucket, 19.5-24 rear tires, 11L-16 front tires, 2 lever controls, shuttle trans, 4 cyl John Deere diesel, digs 14'6" deep, weighs 13,600lbs, good running backhoe 


1995johndeere310dbackhoe/1.jpg 1995johndeere310dbackhoe/9.jpg 1995johndeere310dbackhoe/8.jpg 1995johndeere310dbackhoe/2.jpg
1995johndeere310dbackhoe/12.jpg 1995johndeere310dbackhoe/11.jpg 1995johndeere310dbackhoe/10.jpg 1995johndeere310dbackhoe/15.jpg
1995johndeere310dbackhoe/14.jpg 1995johndeere310dbackhoe/13.jpg

1992 John Deere 410 D backhoe, hp 85, 4WD, cab, heat, E-Hoe, 92" 4 in 1 front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 24" rear bucket, 4 cyl John Deere diesel with turbo, engine block heater, 21L-24 rear tires, 12-16.5 front tires, shuttle trans, 2 lever controls, runs great, nice backhoe 


1992johndeere410dbackhoe/1.jpg 1992johndeere410dbackhoe/2.jpg 1992johndeere410dbackhoe/15.jpg 1992johndeere410dbackhoe/14.jpg
1992johndeere410dbackhoe/11.jpg 1992johndeere410dbackhoe/19.jpg 1992johndeere410dbackhoe/18.jpg 1992johndeere410dbackhoe/17.jpg
1992johndeere410dbackhoe/16.jpg 1992johndeere410dbackhoe/20.jpg

1979 John Deere 310A backhoe, hours 4805, hp 58, 2WD, cab, E-Hoe, 24" rear bucket, 2 lever controls, high/low trans, 19.5-24 rear tires, 11L-15 front tires, 4 cyl John Deere diesel, engine block heater, 88" front bucket, weighs 13,500lbs, engine runs great, has a crack in the transmission housing only drives in reverse, little power in forward


1979johndeere310abackhoe/3030218470.jpg 1979johndeere310abackhoe/3030218480.jpg 1979johndeere310abackhoe/3030218508.jpg 1979johndeere310abackhoe/3030218548.jpg
1979johndeere310abackhoe/3030218562.jpg 1979johndeere310abackhoe/3030218574.jpg 1979johndeere310abackhoe/3030218576.jpg 1979johndeere310abackhoe/3030218578.jpg
1979johndeere310abackhoe/3030218580.jpg 1979johndeere310abackhoe/3030218608.jpg

2017 Case 580SN backhoe, hours 261, hp 95, 4WD, cab, air, heat, radio, pilot controls with pattern changer, powershift trans, air seat, diff lock, turbo, rear plumbing, 19.5-24 rear tires, 12-16.5 front tires, 36" rear bucket, 92" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, very nice backhoe, like new condition 


2017case580snbackhoe/1.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/8.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/3.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/19.jpg
2017case580snbackhoe/17.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/16.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/28.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/24.jpg
2017case580snbackhoe/23.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/21.jpg

2012 Case 580N backhoe, hours 5,427, hp 80, 4WD, cab, air, heat, E-Hoe, 82" hyd Quick Tach front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 24" Quick Tach rear bucket, 19.5-24 rear tires, 12-16.5 front tires, mirrors, pilot controls, air seat, powershift trans, ride control, weighs 18,000lbs, nice backhoe runs great  


2012case580nbackhoe/6.jpg 2012case580nbackhoe/2.jpg 2012case580nbackhoe/1.jpg 2012case580nbackhoe/9.jpg
2012case580nbackhoe/7.jpg 2012case580nbackhoe/12.jpg 2012case580nbackhoe/16.jpg 2012case580nbackhoe/15.jpg
2012case580nbackhoe/14.jpg 2012case580nbackhoe/13.jpg

2005 Case 580SMII backhoe, hours 4,939, hp 90, 4WD, cab, air, heat, radio, E-Hoe, pilot controls, 30" rear bucket, 82" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 19.5-24 rear tires, 12-16.5 front tires, turbo, weighs 17,500lbs, runs great, nice backhoe 


2005case580smiibackhoe36500/6.jpg 2005case580smiibackhoe36500/2.jpg 2005case580smiibackhoe36500/1.jpg 2005case580smiibackhoe36500/20.jpg
2005case580smiibackhoe36500/19.jpg 2005case580smiibackhoe36500/18.jpg 2005case580smiibackhoe36500/17.jpg 2005case580smiibackhoe36500/14.jpg
2005case580smiibackhoe36500/22.jpg 2005case580smiibackhoe36500/21.jpg

2004 Case 580SMII backhoe, hours 3,352, hp 85, 4WD, cab, air, heat, E-Hoe, pilot controls, 82" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 24" rear tires, powershift trans, runs/drives/operates  


2004case580smiibackhoe/1.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoe/5.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoe/6.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoe/10.jpg
2004case580smiibackhoe/15.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoe/14.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoe/17.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoe/16.jpg
2004case580smiibackhoe/19.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoe/18.jpg

2004 Case 580SMII backhoe, hours 1,772, hp 90, 4WD, cab, air, heat, E-Hoe, 4 cyl Cummins diesel with turbo, 82" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, ride control, 19.5-24 rear bucket, Case controls, runs and operates great 


2004case580smiibackhoehours3352/1.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoehours3352/9.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoehours3352/7.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoehours3352/2.jpg
2004case580smiibackhoehours3352/10.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoehours3352/17.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoehours3352/16.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoehours3352/15.jpg
2004case580smiibackhoehours3352/14.jpg 2004case580smiibackhoehours3352/13.jpg

2001 Case 580SM backhoe, hours 7,287, hp 85, 4WD cab, air, heat, Case controls, 82" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, ride control, turbo, 19.5-24 rear tires, 24" rear bucket, rear plumbing, runs/drives/operates great 


2001case580smbackhoe/2.jpg 2001case580smbackhoe/1.jpg 2001case580smbackhoe/7.jpg 2001case580smbackhoe/14.jpg
2001case580smbackhoe/13.jpg 2001case580smbackhoe/12.jpg 2001case580smbackhoe/18.jpg 2001case580smbackhoe/17.jpg
2001case580smbackhoe/16.jpg 2001case580smbackhoe/15.jpg

1999 Case 580SL backhoe, hours 6587, hp 85, 4WD, cab, air but not working, heat, E-Hoe, 82" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 24" rear bucket, front plumbing, 2 lever controls, 19.5-24 rear tires, runs  good trans may slip, selling AS IS 


1999case580slbackhoehours6587/1.jpg 1999case580slbackhoehours6587/6.jpg 1999case580slbackhoehours6587/2.jpg 1999case580slbackhoehours6587/11.jpg
1999case580slbackhoehours6587/18.jpg 1999case580slbackhoehours6587/14.jpg 1999case580slbackhoehours6587/13.jpg 1999case580slbackhoehours6587/16.jpg

1993 Case 590 backhoe, hours 5179, hp 86, 4WD, cab, heat, E-Hoe, 24" rear bucket, 90" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 19.5-24 rear tires, 12-16.5 front tires, Case controls, shuttle trans, 4 cyl Cummins diesel with turbo, engine block heater, weighs 17,500lbs, good running backhoe 


1993case590backhoe/1.jpg 1993case590backhoe/7.jpg 1993case590backhoe/16.jpg 1993case590backhoe/14.jpg
1993case590backhoe/20.jpg 1993case590backhoe/19.jpg 1993case590backhoe/18.jpg 1993case590backhoe/22.jpg

1991 Case 480F backhoe,hours 3534, hp 63, 4WD, Rops, std hoe, 24" rear bucket, 12-16.5 front tires, 17.5L-24 rear tires, 4 cyl Cummins diesel, Case controls, 82" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge and fork brackets, digs, 14' deep, weighs 12,500lbs, no brakes, runs and operates good


1991case480fbackhoe14500/6.jpg 1991case480fbackhoe14500/2.jpg 1991case480fbackhoe14500/1.jpg 1991case480fbackhoe14500/7.jpg
1991case480fbackhoe14500/13.jpg 1991case480fbackhoe14500/12.jpg 1991case480fbackhoe14500/11.jpg 1991case480fbackhoe14500/16.jpg
1991case480fbackhoe14500/15.jpg 1991case480fbackhoe14500/14.jpg

1978 Ford 555 backhoe, hp 55, 2WD, cab, heat, std hoe, 84" front bucket, 24" rear bucket, 3 cyl diesel, 2 lever controls, 16.9-28 rear tires, 11L-16 front tires, 4 speed shuttle trans, weighs 12,000lbs, runs and operates great 


1978ford555backhoe/1.jpg 1978ford555backhoe/7.jpg 1978ford555backhoe/6.jpg 1978ford555backhoe/3.jpg
1978ford555backhoe/17.jpg 1978ford555backhoe/16.jpg 1978ford555backhoe/14.jpg 1978ford555backhoe/11.jpg
1978ford555backhoe/10.jpg 1978ford555backhoe/18.jpg

1966 Ford 4500 backhoe, 2WD, 16.9-24 rear tires, 71" front bucket, 24" rear bucket, 3 cyl Ford diesel, shuttle trans, had small fire by the battery, backhoe is complete and was running and working before fire  


1966ford4500backhoe/1.jpg 1966ford4500backhoe/7.jpg 1966ford4500backhoe/6.jpg 1966ford4500backhoe/2.jpg
1966ford4500backhoe/9.jpg 1966ford4500backhoe/8.jpg 1966ford4500backhoe/10.jpg 1966ford4500backhoe/15.jpg
1966ford4500backhoe/13.jpg 1966ford4500backhoe/12.jpg

Ford 5500 backhoe, hours 4553, Hp 71, 2WD, Rops, std hoe, 4 cyl Ford diesel, 78" wide front bucket, 34" wide rear bucket, 16.9-28 rear tires, 10.00-20 front tires, 4553 hours on the meter, runs/drives/operates great, selling on consignment 


ford5500backhoe/2.jpg ford5500backhoe/1.jpg ford5500backhoe/5.jpg ford5500backhoe/9.jpg
ford5500backhoe/15.jpg ford5500backhoe/12.jpg ford5500backhoe/17.jpg ford5500backhoe/16.jpg
ford5500backhoe/19.jpg ford5500backhoe/18.jpg

1998 JCB 214 series 3 backhoe, hp 76, 4WD, cab, heat, E-Hoe, hyd Quick Tach, 3rd valve, 96" wide front bucket, 24" rear bucket, mechanical thumb, 19.5-24 rear tires, 14-17.5 front tires, 2 lever controls, weighs 16,000lbs 


1998jcb214seriesiiibackhoe/3048303666.jpg 1998jcb214seriesiiibackhoe/3048303640.jpg 1998jcb214seriesiiibackhoe/3048303596.jpg 1998jcb214seriesiiibackhoe/3048303472.jpg
1998jcb214seriesiiibackhoe/3048303716.jpg 1998jcb214seriesiiibackhoe/3048303680.jpg 1998jcb214seriesiiibackhoe/3048303678.jpg 1998jcb214seriesiiibackhoe/3048303676.jpg
1998jcb214seriesiiibackhoe/3048303670.jpg 1998jcb214seriesiiibackhoe/3048303668.jpg

1986 Cat 416 backhoe, hours 4106, hp 62, 2WD, cab, heat, E-Hoe, 2 lever controls, 24" rear bucket, 4 speed shuttle trans, 87" front bucket, 19.5-24 rear tires, 11L-16 front tires, 4 cyl Perkins diesel, weighs 14,500lbs, backhoe runs and operates, starts hard engine has blow by, seems to run good, trans and brakes work good, hydraulic functions all work as they should , when engine is warm it will start up on its own, stop in for inspection 


1986cat416backhoe/2.jpg 1986cat416backhoe/12.jpg 1986cat416backhoe/1.jpg 1986cat416backhoe/19.jpg
1986cat416backhoe/18.jpg 1986cat416backhoe/17.jpg 1986cat416backhoe/16.jpg 1986cat416backhoe/15.jpg
1986cat416backhoe/21.jpg 1986cat416backhoe/20.jpg