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2010 JOhn Deere 310J backhoe, hours 3,936, hp 84, 4WD, cab, air, heat, std hoe, 85" wide 4 in one front bucket, 24" Wain Roy style Quick Tach bucket, rear plumbing, 19.5-24 rear tires, 12-16.5 front tires, 2 lever backhoe controls, 4 cyl diesel with turbo, 4 speed power shift trans, flip over pads, weighs 16,000lbs, runs great, nice backhoe 


2010johndeere310jbackhoe/9.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/7.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/6.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/3.jpg
2010johndeere310jbackhoe/1.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/17.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/16.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/15.jpg
2010johndeere310jbackhoe/12.jpg 2010johndeere310jbackhoe/11.jpg

2008 John Deere 310J backhoe, hours 2426, hp 84, 4WD, cab, heat, 2 lever controls, E-Hoe, turbo, 24" rear bucket, 84" front bucket with cutting edge, flip over forks, power shift trans, 19.5-24 rear tires, diff lock, runs and drives great


2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195032.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195216.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195252.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195290.jpg
2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195320.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195350.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195402.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195418.jpg
2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195456.jpg 2008johndeer310jbackhoe/2012195482.jpg

2007 John Deere 310SJ backhoe, hourd 5157, hp 92, 4WD, cab, air, heat, E-Hoe, 2 lever controls, 91" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 24" rear bucket, 12.5-80R18 front tires, 19.5-24 rear tires, air seat, ride control, pwer shift trans, very good running backhoe 


2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/5.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/6.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/4.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/2.jpg
2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/1.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/21.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/20.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/19.jpg
2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/18.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/17.jpg 2007johndeere310sjbackhoe/16.jpg

2001 John Deere 710D backhoe, hp 115, 2WD, cab, heat, std hoe, rear plumbing, 30" rear bucket, 21L-28 rear tires, 16.5-16.1 front tires, 94" wide front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 6 cyl John Deere diesel with turbo, 4 speed powershift trans, 2 lever backhoe controls, weighs 24,000lbs, runs and operates great, no hours showing 


2001johndeere710dbackhoe/4.jpg 2001johndeere710dbackhoe/6.jpg 2001johndeere710dbackhoe/2.jpg 2001johndeere710dbackhoe/1.jpg
2001johndeere710dbackhoe/8.jpg 2001johndeere710dbackhoe/19.jpg 2001johndeere710dbackhoe/18.jpg 2001johndeere710dbackhoe/13.jpg
2001johndeere710dbackhoe/22.jpg 2001johndeere710dbackhoe/21.jpg 2001johndeere710dbackhoe/20.jpg

2017 Case 580SN backhoe, hours 261, hp 95, 4WD, cab, air, heat, radio, pilot controls with pattern changer, powershift trans, air seat, diff lock, turbo, rear plumbing, 19.5-24 rear tires, 12-16.5 front tires, 36" rear bucket, 92" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, very nice backhoe, like new condition 


2017case580snbackhoe/1.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/8.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/3.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/19.jpg
2017case580snbackhoe/17.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/16.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/28.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/24.jpg
2017case580snbackhoe/23.jpg 2017case580snbackhoe/21.jpg

2013 Case 580N backhoe, hours 2064, hp 79, 4WD, cab, air, E-Hoe, 82" front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, front hyd, ride control, Case controls, 19.5-24 rear tires, 16" cushion front tires, 8" wide ACS hyd thumb, has engine, has no transmission or left hand step, AS IS 


2013case580nbackhoe/8.jpg 2013case580nbackhoe/2.jpg 2013case580nbackhoe/1.jpg 2013case580nbackhoe/14.jpg
2013case580nbackhoe/22.jpg 2013case580nbackhoe/21.jpg 2013case580nbackhoe/19.jpg 2013case580nbackhoe/23.jpg
2013case580nbackhoe/26.jpg 2013case580nbackhoe/25.jpg

2011 Case 580SN backhoe, hours 3,351, hp 95, 4 WD, cab, air, heat, E-Hoe, 82" 4 in 1 front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 24" rear bucket, 19.5-24 rear tires, 12-16.5 front tires, turbo, engine block heater, pilot controls, ride control, 4 speed shuttle trans, weighs 17,500lbs, very nice backhoe 


2011case580snbackhoe/6.jpg 2011case580snbackhoe/2.jpg 2011case580snbackhoe/15.jpg 2011case580snbackhoe/13.jpg
2011case580snbackhoe/1.jpg 2011case580snbackhoe/28.jpg 2011case580snbackhoe/27.jpg 2011case580snbackhoe/24.jpg
2011case580snbackhoe/23.jpg 2011case580snbackhoe/22.jpg

2008 New Holland B95 backhoe, hours 3302, hp 95, 4WD, cab, heat, E-Hoe, Ford 4 lever backhoe controls, 4 cyl diesel with turbo, 4 speed shuttle trans, 89" 4 in 1 front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, engine block heater, 19.5-24 rear tires, 24" rear bucket with smooth edge, runs and operates great 


2008newhollandb95backhoe/2.jpg 2008newhollandb95backhoe/1.jpg 2008newhollandb95backhoe/14.jpg 2008newhollandb95backhoe/10.jpg
2008newhollandb95backhoe/20.jpg 2008newhollandb95backhoe/19.jpg 2008newhollandb95backhoe/18.jpg 2008newhollandb95backhoe/16.jpg
2008newhollandb95backhoe/22.jpg 2008newhollandb95backhoe/21.jpg

1996 New Holland 555E backhoe, hours 4118, hp 79, 4WD, cab, heat, E-Hoe, 88" wide front bucket with bolt on cutting edge, 48" wide Wain Roy ditching bucket with twist attachment, 19.5-24 rear tires, 12-16.5 front tires, 2 lever backhoe controls, 4 speed shuttle trans, 4 cyl diesel motor, runs/drives/operates 


1996newholland555ebackhoe/2.jpg 1996newholland555ebackhoe/1.jpg 1996newholland555ebackhoe/6.jpg 1996newholland555ebackhoe/13.jpg
1996newholland555ebackhoe/11.jpg 1996newholland555ebackhoe/15.jpg 1996newholland555ebackhoe/14.jpg 1996newholland555ebackhoe/20.jpg
1996newholland555ebackhoe/18.jpg 1996newholland555ebackhoe/17.jpg

2011 JCB 3CX14-4EC backhoe, hours 2,827, hp 90, 4WD, cab, air, heat, E-Hoe, 92" wide 4 in 1 front bucket, front hyd, 24" rear bucket, 19.5-24 rear tires, 14.17.5 front tires, pilot controls, 4 speed power shift trans, engine block heater, weighs 16,500lbs, runs and operates great, very nice backhoe 


2011jcb3cx144ecbackhoe/9.jpg 2011jcb3cx144ecbackhoe/6.jpg 2011jcb3cx144ecbackhoe/2.jpg 2011jcb3cx144ecbackhoe/1.jpg
2011jcb3cx144ecbackhoe/22.jpg 2011jcb3cx144ecbackhoe/21.jpg 2011jcb3cx144ecbackhoe/20.jpg 2011jcb3cx144ecbackhoe/18.jpg
2011jcb3cx144ecbackhoe/17.jpg 2011jcb3cx144ecbackhoe/10.jpg